Hacienda Guzman | Olive Connection in Brookline MAI met the wonderful people representing this Hacienda Guzman and even though the importing of the olive oil was complicated, I pursued them. We will be carrying 3 of their most proud oils on our tasting bar. Here is their story.

Hacienda Guzman, founded in the XVIth century, where Hernando Columbus, son of Christopher Columbus, would produce olive oils to export them to America. Historians confirm that Guzman would become the biggest olive oil factory of that time in Spain and the World.

The way this oil is produced sets the difference with most part of its competitors:

GREEN HARVEST. Our olives are harvested from the trees when they are still green in order to ensure two aspects:

  • Extra virgin olive oil from green olives offer certain flavor characteristics that are not present in mature olives (fresh grass, tomato as basic and primary aromas/flavors and other aromas/flavors coming from the olive varieties themselves).
  • High antioxidant content: this is the main healthy aspect of any extra virgin olive oil. When we harvest in green, we ensure that its level in the oil will be the maximum possible. And this is useful not only for human beings but also to preserve qualities of the product in the bottle until the end of the shelf life.
  • Higher intensity in flavor and aroma.


  • Olive Trees Selection (March-April) to implement a closer control and care of the fruit during the year. This means: closer nutrition and disease control and treatment and water level control – basic aspects to ensure health and proper organoleptic growth of the fruit that could lead to obtain a premium and unique olive oil like HG.
  • Olives Selection: olives arrive to our mill in Hacienda Guzman just 5 hours after being harvested. Before they enter the mill, we run a selection to remove damaged, over mature and non healthy olives so only the best olives are used to produce HG oils. (September-October)
  • Olive oil Selection. (September-October)

HG RESERVA FAMILIAR (Manzanilla Sevilla) olive oil:
Aromas and Flavors: stems and green leaves aromas
Medium Bitterness and Spiciness

HG ORGANIC (Arbequina + Manzanilla + Hojiblanca):
Aromas and Flavors: banana, almond, green apple, fresh grass, tomato.  No bitterness, Low Spiciness

Aromas and Flavors: fresh grass, artichokes, mint, apple
Low bitterness, Medium Spiciness

Hacienda Guzman | Olive Connection in Brookline

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