Morry met the owners of Berkshire Grain on the Mass Pike at a farmers market and immediately fell in love with these jellies.  We love the local artisans that are so proud of their craft.

Berkshire Grain

Berkshire Grain Merlot Wine Jelly 8oz

Made from a 100% Merlot Wine that features flavor notes of cherry and blackberry along with a smooth dry finish - just like you want from a nice Merlot!  If Merlot is your, his, or her favorite wine variety, then get this one for sure!

Forget that Cranberry Sauce with Turkey……..Be Bold!

Pairs very well with a Vermont Cheddar and Goat Cheese

Berkshire Grain Chardonnay Wine Jelly with Lemon and Rosemary-8 oz

Made from 100% Chardonnay Wine is quite fun with a familiar aroma of peach and pineapple.  We couldn’t resist playing with the flavors by adding lemon zest and fresh rosemary.  The result is just delicious and invites you to cook with.

Serving Suggestions: with crackers, and all cheeses….Morning Toast will never be the same! Also try brushing on your poultry and fish, before during and after cooking.









We’re waiting for you to visit or call. No pressure or anything.

1426 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA 02446

PHONE 617-879-9980

We are on the T Green Line C.
Summit Avenue Stop.

Metered street parking.


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