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We’re proud to carry many products from New England businesses. Click here for a list.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Olive Connection Private Label - Olive Varietals 

Arbequina from Spain

Picual from Spain

Koroneiki Private Reserve from Greece

Organic Early Harvest Koroneiki from Greece

Arbequina and Arbosana from Southern Chili

Picholine, Dahbia, Arbequina from Marrackesh, Morocco

Kalamata from Greece

Nocellara from Sicily

Sourani, Beldi, and Ayrouni Blend from Lebanon

Frantoio from California

Ogliarolo from Puglia, Italy


Fused and Infused with natural flavor Extra Virgin Olive Oils- Olive Connection Private Label 


Caramelized Garlic


Meyer Lemon

Blood Orange

Sicilian Lemon

Greek Herb




Citrus Habanero


Hot Jalapeno

Sweet Cream Butter


Specialty Oils

Toasted Sesame Oil and Avocado Oil and Walnut Oil

Vinegars and Balsamic Vinegars - Olive Connection Private Label

Barrel Aged Dark Balsamic

3 Leaf Style Balsamic

25 Star White and Black Balsamic

Vinegars and Balsamic Vinegars Infused with natural fruits - Olive Connection Private Label

Pomegranate Dark

Apricot White

Meyer Lemon White

Anjou Pear Dark

Cucumber White

Raspberry Dark

Lambrusco Red Wine Vinegar

Chocolate Espresso Dark

Fig Dark

Honey Dark

Honey Ginger Dark

Vanilla Pomegranate

Summer Peach White

Strawberry White

Cherry Dark

Champagne Mimosa Fruit Vinegar

Star Anise Vanilla Dark

Maple Dark

Sun Dried Tomato Dark

Tasting Bar Award Winning Brands Highlighted

Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, California Varietals

Apple Balsamic

Citrus Burst Balsamic

Grand Reserve Sherry Vinegar

4 Leaf Balsamic Dark

Aged 6 year Organic Balsamic Dark

Rose Vinegar

Cider Vinegar

Elderberry Balsamic Dark

Basil Plum Balsamic Dark

Ole Mole Balsamic Dark

Additional Categories

Fresh Baguettes daily from Clear Flour Bakery, Brookline

Honey from the World, the US, and Local

Naturally cured olives from Spain, France, Greece and Italy

Tapenades and Spreads

Spices, Salts and Rubs

Tea and Coffee Beans

Jams, Marmalades and Conserves


Maple Syrup- Vermont

Artisan Pastas, Sauces, and Pesto

Nuts and dried fruit

Beans and Rice

Local Cheese, Sausages, Pates


Gluten Free Crackers and Pasta

Cookies and Chocolates

Beauty products made with olive oil or honey

Unique Tabletop Gifts

Olive Oil and Vinegar Pairings- EVOO options pair well with Barrel Aged and 25 Star Balsamic Vinegars

Lemon Pairings

Meyer Lemon EVOO

Sicilian Lemon EVOO


Champagne Mimosa Vinegar

Lambrusco Vinegar

Raspberry Balsamic

Honey Ginger Balsamic

Apricot White Balsamic

Toasted Coconut White Balsamic

Cucumber White Balsamic

Anjou Pear Balsamic


Citrus Habanero EVOO

Blood Orange EVOO



Citrus Balsamic

Raspberry Balsamic

Pomegranate Balsamic

Chocolate Espresso Balsamic

Toasted Coconut White Balsamic

Anjou Pear Balsamic

Vanilla Pomegranate Balsamic

Cucumber White Balsamic

Citrus Burst barrel aged balsamic vinegar of Modena Italy is blended with sweet oranges, tangerines, and a splash of lime. It’s fresh, subtle, and tangy character will enhance your favorite baby green salad and when whisked with olive oil will spark up your grilled vegetables. When combined with wine makes a great marinade for poultry and fish. Also pairs will with all herbal infused olive oils.

Cherry Balsamic Vinegar

Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar

Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar



Sun Dried Tomato Balsamic Vinegar



Vanilla Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar


Lambrusco Vinegar


Elderberry Balsamic Vinegar

Honey Ginger Balsamic Vinegar

Chocolate Espresso Balsamic Vinegar

Greek Herb EVOO

Koroneiki Private Reserve EVOO

Picual EVOO

Nocellara EVOO

Koroneiki Organic EVOO

Caramelized Garlic EVOO

Meyer Lemon EVOO

Citrus Habanero EVOO

Blood Orange EVOO

Caramelized Garlic EVOO

Basil EVOO

Sicilian Lemon EVOO

Arbequina EVOO

Caramelized Garlic EVOO

Blood Orange EVOO


We can assist you in selecting personalized pairings for your recipe needs plus gift baskets for special occasions.

Gifts that will be eaten and enjoyed…perfect for hostess gifts.

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