Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Set


Perfect pair of 100ml bottle each Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicily

Organic Biancolila Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100ml -grown in the Taibi family estate since 1867 near the Temple Valley of Agrigento in Sicily, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Harvested early, while green and pressed within a few hours for maximum taste and health benefits, this delicate oil exhibits fruitiness, green grass, almond, sweetness, bitterness, medium pungency, and notes of red pepper that lingers for a moment. It is called the ‘Cashmere glove’ of flavor and perfect on dishes paired with white wine, salads, steamed fish, and fresh cheeses. Gold Award 2019 NYIOOC

Organic Nocellara Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100ml– Nocellara del Belice olive variety grown organically in the Taibi family estate. The oil is decisively fruity and has a peppery finish. It is the ‘Niagara Falls’ of flavor. Great for dipping as well as paired with red sauces, pasta legume soups, rich salads and roasted meat and red wine.

2018 Gold Award Winner Nocellara – Silver Award Winner Biancolilla  NY International Competition- Gold Medal  Domina-IOCC Sicily

Included in the “Great Olive Oils of the World” list by olive oil advocate and author Tom Mueller

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