Koroneiki Organic Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Greece

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Olives are hand picked early in the season while still green to product early harvest oil known in Greece as ‘agoureleo’ or liquid gold. The olives are crushed within hours to preserve the taste.

The aroma of honeydew melon, tomato and rosemary with tastes of dry herbs slight tannic bitterness, radish heat, creamy with a short nutty finish.

Best enjoyed in salads, to dunk crusty bread, and finishing oil with Mediterranean cuisine. The best oil from family groves in the Messenia region of southwestern Greece.

Here we have it paired with a Fig Balsamic Vinegar!

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1 review for Koroneiki Organic Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Greece

  1. Nicole

    I wish I remembered the exact day. (I don’t have a trustworthy sense of the month either, even the season, but it must have been sometime last fall.) An unspectacular day, all the raw material for an inspired one, when we walked into the small family-owned store you discovered near your Brookline apartment. The details of this visit (was it cold out? were we rushing?) escape me, save for one: an admission, a breakthrough. If not the first, then arguably the finest indication that your adamantine resistance to Boston could be momentarily suspended. Imagine my surprise to hear you say it, for the first time:

    “I think it’s better than Stonehouse.”

    This guy. A tall bundle of nerves when we met, newly transplanted to our current city; he was quiet, no, composed. Self deprecating in the untroubled way of those most self assured. Said precisely the right things, genuinely. That indescribable voice. Not easily impressed, despite being generous with compliments, and a challenge to read, despite appearing so eager, his jokes were disarming, his stories revelatory, his approach restrained. He was a storybook date, just impossible to shut up about, and he was cute, cute, cute, cute, cute.

    All I can say about that indeterminate day is, you were right. The first sip of garlic koroneiki extra virgin olive oil, a hint that stonehouse garlic oil, stronghold of your past, could be superseded; running back to your studio and uncorking our new bottle (olive connection, 200ml), visions of a future, of discovery and invention, of shared avocado toasts. Meticulous drizzling, iPhone photo, présentant. The only thing left to do was savor. This could work, you and I.

    • Carol Sapoznik

      Thanks for sharing your sweet story. Glad we could help. Enjoy!

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