HG Spanish Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil


From the Hacienda Guzman Estate in Andalusia, Spain

  • Reserva Familiar Hojiblanca (Green 250ml Bottle, $19.95) is harvested early, characterized by its golden green color and brings an intense fruitiness aroma with the presence of leaves, artichokes, and tomato. The outstanding balance and complexity make this a delicacy together with antioxidant power due to it high polyphenol content.
  • Ecologico Organic Blend (White 250ml Bottle, $19.95) is a blend of olive varieties for a moderately intense fruitiness, blending the quality of Hojiblanco, sweetness of the Arbequina olive and pleasant bitterness of the Manzanilla olive. Light in the mouth, the green hues return to the nose, with the smell of fresh herbs, and tastes of artichoke and almond.
  • Reserva Familiar Manzanilla (Black 500ml Bottle, $34.95) has a taste of freshness, and well balanced and identifiable with the green Manzanilla olive variety. A hint of vegetable hues its intensity lies in its bitterness and slightly spicy nature high in antioxidants. (not in stock at this time)
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