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Castillo de Canena Family Reserve Picual 500ml- Since 1780, the Castillo de Canena estate has been producing exceptional oils in Andalusia in the southern of Spain.  Their family reserve oils are produced from olives harvested early, a process that requires twice the amount of olives and renders an oil of exceptional quality and taste.  The picual has a green olive flavor with hints of tomato and fresh cut grass, herbs, almonds, and green banana. Exceptional taste and aroma. Numerous awards of the highest ranking.

Arvum Grand Reserve Sherry Vinegar 250ml, (every house needs a delicious sherry vinegar) Produced using the solar system, a traditional process which consists of 500 liter oak barrels.  Time honored aging and blending process ensures that quality vinegar is produced consistently near to year.  The Arvum solar is more than 10 years aged.  No additional grape must is added to this vinegar.  Subtle flavors of toasted nuts and dried fruity emanate from this mellow, complex vinegar.  Award winning .

Romanesco Sauce- Catalan Romesco sauce is made from a traditional recipe and all natural products that have been used in Mediterranean kitchens for centuries.  This sauce is wonderful on meat, seafood and vegetables.  Gluten free

Matiz Wild Sardines in Natural Lemon Oil- Wild caught in the waters of Spain, Italy, and Croatia, and hand packed in Galicia in northern Spain, Matiz Sardines are considered one of the finest sardines available in the world.  Prized for their plump, tender texture and rich flavor, they are hand packed fresh from the ocean in traditional Spanish style with Spanish olive oil and a touch of sea salt or lemon.

Marcona Almonds– Roasted and salted and perfect for a gourmet snack.

Organic Piquillo Peppers– These carry the exclusive seal of authenticity granted only to those peppers hand picked in the Ribera del Ebro region of Northern Spain.  The mean ‘little beak’ for its distinctive pointed shape, no chemicals in the washing roasting and peeling process.  Slow roasted over open wood fires gives a rich complex flavor.  Versatile and can be used in many applications or delicious straight from the jar, or tossed in salad or stuffed.

Crispy Mandarin Orange Slices– dehydrated citrus slices, no sugar added for a healthy snack.  All natural. Orange flavor is traditional in the Spanish recipes.

Hand Painted Pottery Dipping Dish– Beautiful and perfect for dipping olive oil or artisan salts.

Gift Box and Bow and Tasting notes



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