Fruits and Olives Flight


Flight of 2 of our favorite White Balsamic Vinegars paired with 2 perfect olive oils.  All interchangeable and delicious. Have fun with these flavors.

Strawberry White Balsamic Vinegar– delicious for dressing fresh garden salads, fruit, nuts and creamy cheeses.  Drizzle over yogurt, granola, and fresh fruit.  Pair with either olive oils.

Summer Peach White Balsamic– dressings for salad and fruit and pork, chicken, and seafood too. Try with a cypress salad.

Sicilian Lemon Olive Oil- Combine with vinegar and tossing with roasted veggies.  Cooking chicken and fish and pasta sauces too.  Adds freshness and citrus to any dish.

Sweet Cream Butter Olive Oil– Delicious for drilling over popcorn, massed potatoes and pasta, sautéing meats and veggies or dipping with crusty baguette.  A great substitution for butter or oil when used in baking.

In a gift box.

After you try these and pick out your favorites, all are available in larger size bottles too. Enjoy!



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Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 11 × 10 in

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