Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil-California


Frantoio is one of the most highly acclaimed olive oil varieties, especially in the Tuscan regions of Italy.  This variety of olives were brought to California by the monks in mid19th century. 

The family has a 150 year tradition of olive groves in the heart of California. The olives are hand harvested in November 2017. As each bin filled with olives, they were delivered by tractor to our olive mill in Gilroy, California, now located on site and milled within minutes of picking!  The professional taster’s comments are:

An oil with lots of bright green notes, both in the aroma and taste, having flavors of artichoke, cinnamon, grass,hay straw, and butter.  Experiment freely! Use it on salads of mixed flavorful greens or mixed vegetables.  Perfect at the table for baked potatoes, pasta, tomatoes, rice, hearty soups, boiled beans, cooked vegetables, grilled vegeatbles or your morning toast!

  • 2018 GOLD at New York International Olive Oil Competition, Good Food Award, Best of Class at Los Angeles International Contest and Japan Best of USA

Paired with apricot-white-balsamic-vinegar

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