Last weekend we had Emma Connolly, Head Bartender at Grassona’s Restaurant -1704 Beacon St., in the store for a cocktail demo and tasting that showed our customers how delicious cocktails made with oil and vinegar can be. We hope you will try the cocktail recipes below and share your photos with us!

2 ounces white rum
1 spoonful of sugar
3 mint leaves
.5 ounces of cucumber balsamic
Soda water

Put mint and sugar in glass and press with the back of a spoon, add rest of ingredients and ice, stir.

Old fashioned:
2 ounces of bourbon
2 sugar cubes
A dash of angostura bitters
Spoonful of blood orange oil

Put sugar in glass and pour oil and bitters on top, crush the sugar with a spoon or muddler and add bourbon. Stir to dissolve sugar and add ice.

Hot and dirty:
Combine a cup of gin with 1 ounce of Coratina EVOO and stir. Place in freezer until oil solidifies  and remove solids.

2 ounces of “fat washed” gin
.5 ounces of Sriracha Balsamic
.25 ounces of dry vermouth
.25 ounces of pickle brine ( or olive brine)

Add all ingredients in a glass and gently stir with ice until chilled. Strain and enjoy.  






Carol Sapoznik
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