The secret ingredient you’ve been looking for.

If you enjoy preparing food as much as eating it, welcome to the Olive Connection.

Whether it’s our favorite foods created by artisans we’ve met around the world or local New England products everything in our store is here to inspire new taste sensations and enhance the flavors of your meal.

The people who visit Olive Connection have shared passions not only with each other but with us as well. If you enjoy eating healthy, using natural and fresh ingredients, supporting farmers and artisans who are producing delicious foods, enjoy making meals with and for family and friends, you’ll enjoy visiting the Olive Connection. Olive Connection is here for beginning cooks right up to professional chefs. It’s for anyone who enjoys preparing food and trying new flavors and tastes.

Food is very personal. You prepare it. You enjoy it. You consume it. You share it. And you repeat it over and over again. That’s why we put as much time, thought, and attention into selecting our products as the craftspeople who grow or make them. Tell us what products you enjoy and we’ll look into stocking them at the Olive Connection.

We have a connection to good food. We invite you to have a connection with us.

We’re Carol, Morry and CJ Sapoznik. We created the Olive Connection and we want to share it with you. We are regular people. If you live in Brookline,Massachusetts, we are your neighbors. We’ve lived here for 30 years. We love meeting people and sharing, teaching and learning about food. Whether you purchase something or not, we hope you always leave the Olive Connection with a smile on your face.




Thank goodness I was smart enough to fall in love with and marry Carol. She not only loves to cook, she loves to cook what I love to eat. A match made in heaven and the kitchen. While not as proficient as Carol is in the kitchen I got my start in the food business when I was kid growing up in Chicago. My family owned one of Chicago’s best hot dog stands.

At Olive Connection my responsibility is to meet and greet all the people who visit our store. Whether you walk around and buy nothing, or I have to help you carry your purchases to your car, I want you to have an experience worth sharing with your friends.

For 30 years I was a teacher and assistant principal in the Brookline school system. Many people living in Brookline today were students of mine over the years. Currently I split my time between being a Fenway Park Tour Guide and Ski Ambassador at Killington Mountain. As you can see I love being with people. When you stop in to the Olive Connection I’ll be the guy with the big smile who’s welcoming you and sharing my passion for food.




I would describe myself with three words: Energy, creativity and positivity. I love to work and I love working in an environment and business where I meet new people, offer my advice to customers while learning from them, all with the goal of impacting their lives at home. Regardless of the business a “must have” is great service. For me great service goes beyond the expected. It creates a relationship where the shopper comes to trust not only the store but the people who work there.

I spent 40 years in retailing building the Crate and Barrel business. I know what makes discerning customers happy. I also know how to turn a store into an experience.

My non-career passion is cooking and entertaining. I’m a student of Julia Childs. I also follow new chefs both local and national. I am passionate about taking as many cooking classes as possible and having fabulous experiences in the kitchen, whether it’s cooking for my family or a group of friends.

The Olive Connection allows me to combine both of my passions.

I hope people will come to the Olive Connection as customers and leave as friends.




How many guys get the chance to go into business with their parents? The Olive Connection is a dream come true for me, my mother and my father. It’s something we sort of discussed whenever we were together although I’m not sure how serious we all actually were. And now, here we are, with our own business. The Olive Connection allows us each to experience our individual passions with food and ingredients. I grew up in Brookline. We live right next to Brookline High. I guess I inherited my passion for food from my parents. I love to cook. So much so that I went to culinary school. I spent nine years living in Colorado working at ski resorts and cooking. What lured me back to Boston was the opportunity to be part of a family business. My job is to cultivate relationships with artisans and brands that share the passion we do for healthy, fresh, farm to table food and ingredients. I select what we offer and research and find new products and artisans that our customers tell us about. I will be in the store every day I am not visiting farms and artisans around the country.

Please visit or call. Everyone who stops by our store leaves being a new friend. Morry will see to that.

Business Hours: 

Mon. Closed
Tues.-Fri. 11-7

Sat 10-6
Sun 12-5

PHONE 617-879-9980

1426 Beacon Street (outbound side) Brookline, MA 02446
We are on the T Green Line C. Summit Avenue Stop.

Metered street parking.

“Best New Business 2016”

Brookline Chamber Award Winner

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