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Olive Connection Brookline Massachusetts

Artisan tastes to your table.

Our name is Olive Connection, with the emphasis on the word Connection. We connect with the tastes and flavors of food, with our customers, and with our community in Brookline and the Boston area. Through our events, we connect customers with one another as well as with food producers, their products, and their stories. We know that good food brings people to the table, and our mission is to connect you with the best ingredients for beautiful meals.

At Olive Connection we bring artisan tastes to your table.


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M any would describe Olive Connection as a specialty food store that sells olive oil, infused vinegar, BBQ rubs and sauces, seasoning, salts, olives, spreads, pasta, honey, jam, mustard, tea, charcuterie, gifts for your home and homes you visit. That’s a true definition, but for us it’s so much more. To us, Olive Connection is a specialty shop that specializes in flavors and tastes, in finding what you are looking for, in customizing that perfect gift or recipe. After all, isn’t that what people who enjoy cooking and eating are looking for too?
We have a tasting bar, an often-changing selection of products and ingredients that we personally savor, and are fanatical about who makes them and how they are made. The enjoyment of food is in our DNA. It’s why Olive Connection exists. We know that flavors, tastes, aromas and textures are incredibly subjective. While we may own Olive Connection we want our customers, neighbors, and visitors to think of it as their store. What does that mean? Olive Connection reflects the tastes and flavors of the people who shop with us. We constantly add and subtract food products based on our customers’ taste and flavor preferences. Our search for new artisan products, local products, trending flavors and tastes and a behind the scenes staff of flavor and taste explorers, is proof of our commitment to Olive Connection being our customers’ store.
The only caveat is that we won’t stock mass produced, mega brands that stretch the definition of what food is supposed to be. Everything in Olive Connection is artisan inspired. If a supplier calls themselves a manufacturer we send them on their way. We stock the wares of food crafters and food artisans. These people are as passionate about their product as we are about food in general. We treat the artisan food products and other items that we sell as an art form, appreciating them for their flavors, creators, and origins.

Upcoming Events

May 13

Mem Tea Demo and Tasting

May 13 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
May 18

Crepes and Wine with Paris Creperie and the Wine Press Brookline

May 18 @ 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
United States
Please visit or call. Everyone who stops by our store leaves being a new friend. We will see to that.

Hours of operation: Tues-Fri,11-7, Thurs-Fri 11-8, Sat 10-6, Sun 12-5, Closed Mon

 1426 Beacon Street (outbound side) Brookline, MA 02446 PHONE 617-879-9980 We are on the T Green Line C. Summit Avenue Stop.

“Best New Business 2016”

Brookline Chamber Award Winner


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